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A Focus on Waiheke Indoor Sports

Indoor sports can sometimes be a bit tricky to get exactly right and Waiheke indoor sports is probably not something a lot of people think about.  Instead most people imagine all sports on the island are played outside. But that’s not the case!

The Waiheke Recreation Centre is the perfect venue for sport that are better played indoors, for example, badminton, basketball, martial arts and gymnastics to name a few.  While most of these sports could be played outdoors, having an all weather venue to play Waiheke indoor sports is a wonderful, reliable place to provide certainty in the event calendar.

Waiheke Indoor Sports

It’s not conducive to play badminton in the wind. And who wants to play Basketball in the rain? Yes, even on beautiful Waiheke Island, we have wind and rain! So if you are wanting to play some Waiheke indoor sport – not in the mud, the wind, the rain – or indeed – the blazing sun, what better place than inside, knowing that the activity will go ahead despite (and because) of the weather outside.

The Waiheke Rec Centre is just that! A reliable and all weather venue with multiple facilities to accommodate a range of indoor sports.

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