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Looking Forward @ The Waiheke Recreation Centre

During a recent Rec Centre Trust meeting, we discussed a number of areas for improvement.  It’s a large place and there’s always an ongoing maintenance list – but certain discussion points have come up time and again, and certain items feel like they are “more popular” than others!

As a community not-for-profit group, we want to encourage participation – so I thought it would be good to publish some of our thoughts and get some feedback from you, the community users, as to what you think!  To get the conversation started, here’s a few of the ideas we feel should receive priority over the coming months;

1) Resurfacing of the interior gymnasium.

Currently, many of the court lines have worn away – they were last painted…. well, when the Rec Centre was built, about 2001 – that’s almost 15 years ago!  It’s hard to play a game of indoor football, netball, basketball etc… when you can hardly see the line markings.

The cost for the job has been quoted at almost $30,000 – though that does also include sanding it, and apply several coats of varnish, along with the line painting.  We are currently actively in the process of seeking grant funding for this job.

2) Re-establishment of the public front-room fitness suite.

In days gone by, the fitness suite was a public facility that was enjoyed by a number of regular Waiheke folk who found it to be cost-effective and preferable to other Waiheke Island fitness alternatives.

Now, it’s not a large space, so it can only cater for around 10 people at a time (perhaps fewer).  At that time, the fitness suite equipment was owned by the management company that ran the centre.  When they moved on, they took the equipment with them and the space was empty for a period, before a local business “donated” gym equipment to the school, for use by the school.

We get regular requests from the community to re-open the fitness suite to the community – and we would like to explore this further.  However, it will mean the removal of the existing equipment and the purchasing of replacement gear.  In addition, we will need to find a fitness instructor to supervise activities, for health and safety.

The cost for this will be between $20 – 30,000 depending on the exact equipment purchased. We are currently actively in the process of seeking grant funding for this job.

3) Signage & Marketing

Most places need signs and whilst we do have existing signage, we want to improve that.  There has been talk of a “what’s on” electronic (solar powered) sign, perhaps even at the roundabout on Donald Bruce Road?

In addition, it’s been discussed that user groups could become more involved in providing reports of their league results etc to the local newspaper and to this website, for publication. Our goal is to get more people not just talking about the Rec Centre, but coming along to use it.

At some point, we want to do an “open day” to help bring awareness of all the activities that are currently taking place.  All of the above are currently being actively pursued.

4) Additional Activities

As a Rec Centre, we want to encourage recreational activities and community involvement.  We are open to new ideas for activities and want to welcome new groups.  Some new activities that have been suggested; a climbing wall, volleyball, futsal, curling, indoor cricket …. do you have any other ideas?

Let us know your thoughts!

Sol Harris – Chair

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